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“Our third issue is an exploration of the many critical elements that make up and impact community. How different cultures interpret community. How we connect and how we are interconnected. How we gather for social good, for pure pleasure and for wellbeing”.

Articles, stories and book reviews by: Julia Mendel and Maree Lowes; Dominique Antarakis; Graham Long; Noula Diamantopoulos; Melita Rowston; Ruby Castagnet; Carol Horton; Jessica Becker, Nicky Lobo.

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Travel Writer

”…I reckon it’s time to move away from the ease of transactional, homogenised visiting. Of coming and going without connecting. We’re all story tellers in our own way, and I love learning the story of a place .The goodness and FUN is so much greater & deeper, too. And we are never land-less if we choose to connect… “

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Keynote Speaker :

Behaviour Change,

Environmental education

“One thing I've got clear is this: choosing new behaviours means letting go of old habitats. So basically, it's growing up.

The second thing I’ve learnt is: getting comfortable with change will make your life a story of abundance, rather than a story of struggle”.