Maree Lowes as a Changemaker

Maree's acting work has been watched on TV in 128 countries worldwide. However, it's just the start of her love affair with storytelling - which she sees as a vehicle for change making.

From having her hands in red earth to walking the red carpet, Maree is a global changemaker. She has diverse experience in empowering communities to write a better story for the next generation. Maree is an EMMY Award winning Online Community Manager, an Environmental Educator for families, a published author and a model for sustainable fashion & brands. Her work with culture-shapers includes the likes of International EMMY© Award winner Mememe Productions, Spell & The Gypsy Collective© and Vivid Sydney©. Maree regularly works with remote and rural communities across Australia - this is what makes her heart happy. And of course, acting...

As an actress, she chooses to be part of stories she believes in. In the last six months, Maree has played the lead in an NRL campaign about sexual consent, two campaigns for Domestic Violence shelters (one in Germany, one in Aus) and a campaign about city innovation for the future.

There is one role however that Maree is best known for - the fictional reality that is dirtgirl, Eco Warrior & star of hit TV shows dirtgirlworld and Get Grubby TV.

In her alter-persona as dirtgirl, Maree travels around Australia connecting with communities. Over the last year, her community advocacy has taken her from the Torres Strait to Tasmania to Ministers' offices in Parliament House.

Maree's approach to connecting with the next generation is not only informed by her time as 'dirtgirl' but also by her background in mental health. Maree has a BA in Psychology and Indigenous Studies, and has worked in crisis counselling. As of 2019, she is undertaking a UN certified Masters Degree in Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development through UNITAR and the University of Newcastle.


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